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STARFACE 100 Server License 2102000100

STARFACE 100 Server License 2102000100



Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

15.000,00 €
excl. BTW plus verzend
17.850,00 €
incl. BTW, excl. verzend



The Voice-over-IP telephone software for your business

Complete functionality, integration in virtually every CRM system from Outlook to Salesforce, conference rooms, IVR, ACD, future-proof by its module concept, easy maintenance by web administration.

Benefit from the performance of our pbx solution: With STARFACE as an integrated communications platform you will establish customer-oriented and efficient communication in your company. Your personnel is provided with wide scope of opportunities: Voicemail system, moderated phone conferences, fax display etc. Via the main user interface, they have immediate access to key information to act time-efficient.

Easy Administration

STARFACE features an especially intuitive administration, e.g. new user accounts for the phone system are set within a minute. This will not only reduce costs but also raise productivity - new employees will find a well-prepared telephone workstation in no time.

Increased availability - for your customers!

No matter where you are - with STARFACE you are reachable anywhere: By WLAN cell phone, notebook with headset, by SIP phone, and …

Home offices and field staff are integrated into the central phone system as effectively as your inhouse staff. The effect: Satisfied customers who can always reach their No 1 contact person over his office line.

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