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YAMAHA YVC-200 USB speakerphone black

YAMAHA YVC-200 USB speakerphone black



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  • USB, Bluetooth, and NFC connections for laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 10-hour use (or longer with USB)
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Ability to listen to music between calls
  • Adaptive echo cancellation
  • Ultra-wideband audio
  • Available in black or white


    Boost productivity with exceptional remote conversation

  • Yamahas professional quality DSPs with super wideband audio for ample, clear sound
  • Intelligent microphones with 360 degree coverage distinguishes the human voice over noise
  • Optimizing the sound environment automatically no matter what the environment

    Collaborate freely anytime, anywhere

  • Smart and simple connection with multiple devices, OSs and conference applications
  • Complete portability by USB power or up to 10 hours with the rechargeable battery
  • User friendly touch sensor button for connecting and collaborating easily

    As flexible as you are

  • Stylish design with choice of white/black colors blend into any home or office déco
  • Headset plug for protecting private discussion
  • Listen to music between calls for collaboration

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