beroNet Telephony Appliance 2.0 M VoIP only

beroNet Telephony Appliance 2.0 M VoIP only

not upgradeable through modules
Delivery 3-5 days

747,63 €
excl. BTW plus verzend
889,68 €
incl. BTW, excl. verzend



Storage60 GB SSD
ModulesNot expandable!

  • Intel Celeron - Quadcore (J1900) with 2 Ghz
  • VT-x for virtualization
  • One USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port
  • mSATA
  • 2 network interfaces
  • 12V power, less than 20W power consumption
  • Fanless cooling
  • Dimensions: 340 x 255 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 500 g (dependent on config.)
  • Mounting: 1 U, optional available: 19? rack brackets, wall-mountable
  • beroNet?s Telephony Appliance 2.0 is a milestone in beroNet VoIP hardwaredevelopment. This appliance comes with the beroNet Hypervisor, allowingmultiple operating systems to run on the device at the same time. This createsthe opportunity for the beroNet Telephony Appliance to function as thecommunications hub of an organization, with the ability to run a VoIP PBX and arouter/firewall integrated in a single device.

    The beroNet Hypervisor is a beroNet operating system, that allows for theinstallation and management of virtual machines using a web browser:

    • Installation and configuration of OS-Images via the beroNet Market
    • Run multiple virtual machines at the same time (e.g. PBX, Firewall & Fax server)
    • Central management via the beroNet Cloud
    • Backup and restore images


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